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Eamonn Hanlon, General Manager, Nofa Resorts

“EASYFIX supplied the rubber matting for 100 racing boxes 5 years ago. The quality of the rubber is very good as was the workmanship of the fitters during installation where the mats were glued and sealed. I have no hesitation in recommending EASYFIX to other racing yards and I will be installing their mats in the yearling boxes when they are being renewed“

J.S. Bolger, Trainer, Ireland

“Rubber matting on floors and walls in all our stables ensures our horses have five star comfort and safety.”

Paul Messara, Arrowfield Training Centre, Australia

“We recently installed EASYFIX rubber flooring in the washbay and tie up areas at our training complex in Scone. The product is working well and there is no wear or breakdown of the flooring. To date we have had no issue or problems. The flooring was promptly installed and the after service is good. We are very happy with our purchase.“

Gordon Elliot, Trainer, Ireland

“I have installed EASYFIX MG Max 4 matting in the passageways & walkways. The high grip surface greatly reduced the risk of injuries caused by slippages and provides my horses with a more confident walking surface.”

Davy Russell, Jockey, Ireland

“EASYFIX new Racecourse Fence Aprons are brilliant to get horses to jump better. They are also great to ride over, horses respect them and I’m convinced they reduce fallers.”

Conor Phelan, Vinery Stud, Australia

“The EASYFIX rubber matting we’ve used across the stallion parade ring has been first class. The mats interlock easily without warping and are simple to handle, manoeuvre and install. They are wearing extremely well and are currently used as a path from our stallion barn to the covering shed. They provide great footing for the stallions regardless of the weather and are a welcome addition to our serving area. Easily transported the mats suit any high traffic area whether working with stallions, yearlings and younger horses. A great multi-purpose product that we will use across the stud in different applications during the year.”

Michael Finnerane, Chase Fence Aprons, Roscommon Racecourse

“We are very happy with the EASYFIX Chase Fence Aprons at Roscommon Racecourse. One big advantage is that they are cost effective labour wise. No maintenance being another big advantage. It’s great to have consistency on all our jumps.”

Ger Lyons, Trainer, Ireland

“The matting installed in my American Barn has eliminated slippages and injuries and gives the horses more confidence while walking.“

Richard Fahey, Trainer, UK

“The concrete passageways in my American style barns had become slippy and hazardous so I installed EASYFIX MG Max 4 matting. The matting installed throughout the passageways and walking areas provides an excellent grip and has given my horses renewed confidence.“

John Flanley, Ballinrobe Racecourse, Ireland

“Since Ballinrobe Racecourse installed the new aprons on our fences, it has saved us two working days per fixture, i.e. cutting and fixing greenery. It has also lowered the weight of our fences and they have received a very favourable reaction from the racing industry.“

Peter Roe, Manager, Fairyhouse Racecourse

“Owners, trainers & jockeys are delighted with the new EASYFIX MG Max 4 matting on our parade ring. Slippages and injuries have been eliminated.“

Michael Murphy, Wexford Racecourse, Ireland

“Will have them a year in June 2015. Overall, I’m very happy. Horses have taken to them very well and jockeys are very complimentary of them. Very durable, was a bit worried how the plastic birch would work out but it has worked out very well and I’m very happy with them.”

Jim Culloty, Trainer, Ireland

“I have the EASYFIX Double Sided Hurdle, EASYFIX Hurdles and Chase Fences. They are terrific products for schooling horses, we have no worries about injuries and no maintenance.”

Will Wriggle, Lambourn Gallops, (Jockey Club Estates)

“We have EASYFIX Hurdles & Fences in Lambourn for the last five years, they are extremely tough and maintenance free. With the numbers of horses that school over them on weekly basis, they have proved to be invaluable. The trainers also love them.“

John McGuire, Chairman, Listowel Racecourse

“We have been delighted with the MG Max 4 matting since installed in our parade ring. It creates a safer environment for horses and riders and prevents accidents or injuries. The matting has created a seamless finish which looks great.“

Peter O’Brien, Coolmore Stud Manager, Coolmore Australia

“We have recently installed EASYFIX matting in our Weanling Barn. I could not be happier with the professionalism and attention to detail in all my dealings with the company. The product itself is durable and above all else safe.”

Nick Skelton, Gold Medal Olympian

“I installed EASYFIX Versa mats in my stable yard. The two different surface finishes on this mat make it very versatile for a variety of applications, provides a very safe surface for my horses and they are great value for money.”

David Pipe, Trainer, UK

“I’ve used EASYFIX Hurdles and fences for all of my schooling. They are safe, give horses great confidence and are maintenance free.”

Noel Meade, Trainer, Ireland

“I have my four horse walkers installed with EASYFIX Tile. They provide a terrific surface, low maintenance and good value for money.”

Donald McCain, Trainer, UK

“I have EASYFIX Walker Tiles in all my horse walkers. They are very hard wearing and a lot safer for horses. The surface extends the lifespan of shoes.”

Pat Kelly, Manager, Curragh Schooling Grounds

“For the amount of horses here in the Curragh that school over them on a weekly basis, they are a dream and maintenance free.”

Willie Mullins, Trainer

“I use EASYFIX Hurdles and Fences to school all my horses on a regular basis, they are safe, very durable and give horses great confidence.”

Bryan Cooper, Jockey

“I school and race over EASYFIX Hurdles and Fences on a daily basis. From the jockeys and horses perspective they are great to ride over, are safer and give horses great confidence.”

Paul Nolan, Trainer, Ireland

“I have all of my horse walkers done with EASYFIX tiles. Brilliant product and completely safe for horses.”