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Tecrail Tube Crowd Barrier

  • Category: Crowd Barriers

The Tube Crowd Barrier by TECRAIL is a uPVC railing system designed for parade rings in racecourses. However it can also be used as fencing around the perimeter of main arenas in equestrian facilities, venues and race tracks.

The Tube Crowd Barrier is 1.2m in height, the pPost spacing is 2m and has multiple-tubes with no more than 90mm intervals. It can be installed permanently or temporarily and requires zero maintenance.

    You are enquiring about:

    Impact resistant

    Will not break, splinter or warp.

    Easy Installation

    Easy to install.

    Maintenance free

    No maintenance required.


    1. Made from UV treated PVC.
    2. Each panel is 2m long with 9cm spacing between each tube.
    3. Can be installed on non-concrete surfaces.
    4. Can be installed temporarily or permanently.
    TecRail Tube Crowd Barrier Technical Data Sheet
    • “I school and race over EASYFIX Hurdles and Fences on a daily basis. From the jockeys and horses perspective they are great to ride over, are safer and give horses great confidence.”

      Bryan Cooper, Jockey