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Tecrail Mobile Fencing

  • Category: Mobile Fencing

The mobile fencing designed and developed by TECRAIL is a versatile equestrian fencing solution. It has inter-connectable elements to ensure secure closures and can be used as permanent or temporary fencing option.

The TECRAIL mobile fencing can be used for the layout of racecourse starting areas, separation of arenas, creation of competition rings and warm up areas.

Made from uPVC, the TECRAIL mobile fencing solution is lightweight, durable and safe.

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    Lightweight & durable

    Lightweight & durable mobile fencing solution.

    Installation free

    No installation required.

    Maintenance free

    No maintenance required.


    1. 100% Anti-UV treated PVC,
    2. High resistance to impact.
    3. 3m barrier sections, 2m post spacing, 1100mm high, lower rail at 650mm.
    TecRail Mobile Fencing Technical Data Sheet
    • “I school and race over EASYFIX Hurdles and Fences on a daily basis. From the jockeys and horses perspective they are great to ride over, are safer and give horses great confidence.”

      Bryan Cooper, Jockey