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The EASYFIX Softwall is a stable wall matting system which is ideal for use in stables and horse walkers. Our Softwall mat is designed from a cushioned EVA material which absorbs impact and protects horses from injury. Ideal for horses who are prone to injuries from rolling and or becoming cast in stables.

Our Softwall mat is now available in a choice of depths – 15mm or 25mm.

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    Soft Surface

    The EVA material creates a soft cushioning surface.


    Protect horses from injury.

    Easy to Clean.

    Easy to Clean.

    Easy to Install.

    Easy to Install.

    Ideal Solution

    EVA is a strong, yet flexible material ideal for the walls in stables and horse walkers.
    SoftWall Technical Data Sheet
    • “We have recently installed EASYFIX matting in our Weanling Barn. I could not be happier with the professionalism and attention to detail in all my dealings with the company. The product itself is durable and above all else safe.”

      Peter O’Brien, Coolmore Stud Manager, Coolmore Australia