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Racecourse Style Chase Fence

EASYFIX Racecourse Style Chase Fences are designed for racecourses and trainers, to create a uniform profile for all steeplechase fences. The safe, durable and hard-wearing artificial components eliminate the use of organic materials. The 3D moulded birch recreates the typical look and feel of natural birch, the padded apron creates a cushioned surface which reduces impact injuries and the orange strip gives horses a better sight line.

EASYFIX Plastic Birch is designed for use on existing racecourse steeplechase fences. The 3D Plastic Birch is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethene) with a UV Stabiliser. The density of the 3D Birch can be customised to suit the requirements of each racecourse.

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    Creates a uniform profile for all steeplechase fences and eliminates the use of organic materials. Protects horses from injury.

    Easy Installation

    Easy to install and maintenance free.


    Designed for easy relocation to fresh ground


    Constructed from artificial components which are strong, weatherproof and long-lasting.


    Interlocking modular sections allow the width to be easily adjusted and can be tailored to suit any racecourse


    1. Modular 1.2m/4ft interlocking sections
    2. Constructed from artificial components
    3. Apron is supported by high impact cushioning foam
    4. 3-D moulded birch
    5. Shatterproof plastic base integrated handles for easy relocation
    6. Moulded anchor points at the base
    Traditional Style Racecourse Hurdle Technical Data Sheet
    • “I school and race over EASYFIX Hurdles and Fences on a daily basis. From the jockeys and horses perspective they are great to ride over, are safer and give horses great confidence.”

      Bryan Cooper, Jockey