Eventing Chase Fence

The EASYFIX Eventing Chase Fence is our latest edition to our extensive range of hurdles and fences. Specifically designed with the eventing competition in mind. The Eventing chase fence is very easy to move. Eventing Chase Fence is safe, durable and hard-wearing, artificial components eliminate the use and need for organic materials. The 3D moulded birch recreates the typical look and feel of natural birch.

The Eventing Chase Fence is designed with Eventing in mind, the fences are very easy to move.

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    Safer for both Horse & Rider

    Protects horses from injury. 3-D birch prevents splinter cuts and injuries.

    Easy Installation

    The Eventing Chase Fence can be easily installed as it is mobile, and can be easily relocated for use in different locations.

    Robust & Durable

    Specifically designed to be hard-wearing and extremely durable. The fence is constructed from highly durable components which are robust, weatherproof and long-lasting.


    1. Made from artificial components
    2. Easy to clean & maintain
    3. Easy to transport
    • “I school and race over EASYFIX Hurdles and Fences on a daily basis. From the jockeys and horses perspective they are great to ride over, are safer and give horses great confidence.”

      Bryan Cooper, Jockey