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The EASYFIX Action Mats are an ideal surface for your horse Walker. Designed to provide excellent grip, comfort and shock absorption. The Penny grip design is ideal to enhance drainage and provide increased protection within the horse walker.

Action Mats can be water jet cut to suit the diameter of your walker. Only suitable for walkers that do not have solid walls.

    You are enquiring about:

    Custom Lazer Cut to Size

    Cut to size, suitable for all size Horse Walkers

    DIY interlocking system

    DIY interlocking system, creates a seamless finish


    Provides horses with a safe and confident walking surface.

    Improved shock absorption

    Designed to improve shock absorption

    Excellent foothold

    The High Grip surface provides excellent foothold


    Customised to suit individual walkers.


    5 years
    Action Horse Walker Matting Technical Data Sheet
    • “I school and race over EASYFIX Hurdles and Fences on a daily basis. From the jockeys and horses perspective they are great to ride over, are safer and give horses great confidence.”

      Bryan Cooper, Jockey