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Stable Matting

EASYFIX Equine provide an extensive range of Rubber Stable Matting Solutions. We have everything you need to ensure horses experience maximum comfort & safety.

Rubber Stable Matting

We provide an extensive range of stable matting solutions. From DIY self-installed rubber stable matting solutions, to our uniquely designed deluxe glue and sealed rubber matting system, we have the perfect fit for your horse’s stable. Our rubber stable matting provides enhanced biosecurity whilst ensuring maximum comfort and safety within the stable, ensuring peace of mind for you as a horse owner.

Enhanced Comfort & Safety

We are constantly investing in R&D in order to ensure that our stable matting solutions are the best products available on the market. As you know, horses spend quite a lot of their day in their stable, resting and recovering from exercise or indeed injury, therefore we know just how important it is to create the most comfortable and safe environment for your horses.

Not only does installing rubber stable matting enhance the environment of your horse but also helps save on the cost of labour and bedding options such as straw and shavings. Should you require any assistance with deciding what the best option is for you, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

  • “Rubber matting on floors and walls in all our stables ensures our horses have five star comfort and safety.”

    J.S. Bolger, Trainer, Ireland