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Horse Walker Matting

EASYFIX Equine Horse walker flooring solutions provide a secure and safe surface for your horses. Our uniquely designed rubber matting provides a high grip walking surface that allows horses to walk with confidence due to the excellent foothold provided.

Horse Walker Matting

We provide an extensive range of rubber matting specifically designed for use in Horse Walkers. Horse walker matting is used to ensure comfort and safety whilst your horses are exercising. By installing rubber tiles or indeed matting solutions, it can not only ensure a safer environment and assist in the prevention of injuries but it can also greatly reduce shoe wear and minimize muscle strain.

Horse Walker Rubber Tiles & Matting

Our EASYFIX Equine Horse walker tiles are the most innovative and uniquely designed rubber matting solution on the market. They are used, trusted and recommended by professionals all around the globe. We also have the more traditional alternatives available such as our cobblesoft dogbone rubber pavers and more recently we have added the option of our action rubber matting which can be laser cut to fit all types of horse walkers.

If you would like advice or help with picking out the best option for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • “I have all of my horse walkers done with EASYFIX tiles. Brilliant product and completely safe for horses.”

    Paul Nolan, Trainer, Ireland
  • “I have EASYFIX Walker Tiles in all my horse walkers. They are very hard wearing and a lot safer for horses. The surface extends the lifespan of shoes.”

    Donald McCain, Trainer, UK
  • “I have my four horse walkers installed with EASYFIX Tile. They provide a terrific surface, low maintenance and good value for money.”

    Noel Meade, Trainer, Ireland