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Phoebe Locke – Our Brand Ambassador

Phoebe Locke of Phoebe Locke Eventing is our Brand Ambassador. Based in Little Park, Wootton Bassett. She has a string of competitive horses and a wide array of impressive results, notably being the British Under 21 Champion, representing Great Britain at 5 European Championships and winning Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. Phoebe has also won the CS14* in Poland wit Pica d’Or, which makes her one of the youngest competitors to win at such a high level.

Get to know Phoebe Locke

Phoebe Locke jumping our Eventing Chase Fence

We chose to work with Phoebe as she is enthusiastic, motivated and extremely talented. We caught up with Phoebe recently and she answered some questions for us, check out her answers below.

What advice would you give to riders aspiring to reach your level?

“Work hard and keep going, even when things get tough, don’t give up just find a way around them. There is always someone having a worse time, then your problems are just a speed bump and you need momentum to get over it! Enjoy the good times!

Do you have any pre-event rituals that you feel make a big difference?

“I always use my bemer rug and boots before riding”

A rider you look up to?

“Laura Collett”

What do you look for in a good eventer?

“Temperament is a big thing they can be very talented but if you can’t train them it’s very hard. They have to want to do the job!”

Favourite Event you have competed at?

“Mälmo Sweden I did the pony Europeans there. The place was amazing one side you had the beach and ocean right on the xc course on the other side of the venue there was the city was very special.”

Quick Fire Round – This or That?

  • Chocolate or Crisps
  • Dressage or Cross Country
  • Hacking or Flatwork
  • Night In or Night out
  • McDonalds or Domino’s
  • Summer or Winter
  • Mares or Geldings
  • Tea or Coffee – Neither
  • Dogs or Cats
  • Pizza or Chinese
  • Bays or Greys
  • iPhone or Android

You can follow Phoebes Instagram here and see what she gets up to on a daily basis!